Example 1: Basic ShoutChat Box
This example demonstrates the basic functionality of the ShoutChat script. Simply choose a username, type a message and press send.* The form will submit to the iframe and update with your new message appended. It will not cause the main page to reload. If other people are on while browsing the demo, you should be able to discover the interactive refresh features**. At this time only a smilies and auto-detection of links are supported, NO HTML!! (so don't ask) You may also use CTRL-Enter to send instead of hitting the send button, just like IRC. For another live version of shoutchat where development is dicussed and tested, check out shoutchat.de
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* You can choose any name since logining in is just annoying an cumbersome. While I wouldn't give out your credit card number here, it should be fine for most chats. But remember, you are talking to everyone visiting the site.
** The refresh works as follows. Every 10 seconds while you are active (your mouse is moving over the shoutchat box or it is receiving keyboard events) a head request is sent using the XMLHttpRequest javascript object. If a new message is discovered then the frame is refreshed. If you go idle (no activity around the shoutchat box) then this interval starts to increase exponentially to reduce server load from idle connections. As soon as you mouseover (or post) your idle status is cleared.