Dan’s Biography

Dan Allen is an enthusiastic programmer, Linux advocate, creative writer, and most importantly, a passionate husband. Dan is best known as the lead of Asciidoctor and Antora projects, and for driving the adoption and growth of AsciiDoc.

Dan AllenDan is the co-founder of OpenDevise, an open-source software consultancy focused on helping organizations achieve faster growth through better documentation. He brings together all his programming skills to make documentation tools that both writers and programmers love to use. As part of that effort, he’s involved in the design and development of open source software, open standards, and lots and lots of testing.

Dan has a life-long passion for teaching and goes out of his way to help others learn. He might be tough on you, but that’s because he believes in your abilities. We all have our limits, and Dan will be clear when he has reached his. If you’re browsing his posts online, you are sure to find him saying, in the most genuine manner, “I do what I can.”

Dan has always loved technology and software. It’s the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and the last thing when he goes to bed. When asked to explain why, he felt it would be better to each words that were already said.