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Pick my brain, learn what I know! A collection of tutorials I have formalized along the way. Enjoy them, as you too hack along.

Speed up your JSF-based Seam Application by Two Orders of Magnitude | Posted Mar 1, 2009
In this two-part article, you'll be presented with a series of four lessons for eliminating performance problems in a JSF-based Seam application one-by-one until you have observed a remarkable, two orders of magnitude improvement in performance.
Spring into Seam | Posted Apr 18, 2008
JBoss Seam unifies the Java EE platform under an accessible component-based model. Its reach also extends to Spring. In this series, excerpted from Seam in Action, you'll learn how to leverage the Spring container from Seam and vice-versa.
Seamless JSF | Posted Apr 17, 2007
JavaServer Faces (JSF) is the first standardized user interface (UI) framework for Java Web applications. JBoss Seam is a powerful application framework that extends JSF. In this three-part series, you will discover how the strong chemistry between these two frameworks can streamline your development efforts.
Konstructing a New KDE Desktop | Posted Apr 26, 2004
The purpose of this little tutorial is to introduce a better solution to upgrading KDE, one that will allow a user to get a release up and running the night it hits the mirrors, without...
Hash Tables in Javascript | Posted Nov 24, 2002
Javascript is a prototype based object-oriented language where an objects is a mapping from property names to values. This tutorial demonstrates how to wrap these native objects with an hash table implementation similar to that...