Wireless Grab-bagging

May 15, 2004

This morning I had to take my car in for service and an oil change, an ordeal which usually lasts just long enough for boredom to set in; so, I went prepared. I collected together my laptop, two books and a magazine and set out for the dealership.

As soon as I handed over my keys, I immediately cracked open my laptop to determine how much time I had left before I would have to tether myself to the wall for power. While contemplating life without the internet (a very painful thought indeed), an idea crossed my mind, "I wonder if I can get a wireless connection in here?" "Do car dealerships even have wireless connections?" Before I could think twice, I was already at the console issuing the command:

/sbin/iwlist scanning

Sure enough, two cells! I could already feel the wireless signal running through my veins. I checked the listed entries and sure enough, there was one reading "Encryption key:off". I simply updated my network scripts with the new ESSID, issued an /sbin/ifup eth1, and I was pinging google.com! I felt like I had just won the lottery, even if it was only a scratchoff ticket from 7-11.

I present to you the newest fad in tech culture. Remember, you heard it here first, folks!

wireless grab-bagging
The insidious art of fishing for a wireless connection in an unplanned or unexpected location.

It is sort of like an adventure, and the treasure is in finding an exposed connection. Of course, it comes with a nice little perk in that you can waste away your time browsing weblogs like this from virtually anywhere, even when you least expect it, from a car dealership. ;)

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