AmaroK: Bizarre Name, Amazing Application

March 13, 2005

Well, Ktunes probably would have worked as a title, but I guess for the developers, it just wouldn't have spurred as much interest and it likely would have been written off as cliched. There is no question that the name amaroK certainly cannot be labeled as unoriginal. After some digging, it turns out the composer who used it as a title of his album doesn't even provide a clear definition for the word. While there is a reference to an association with a giant wolf in Nordic methology, it is difficult to see how a wolf relates to music.

amaroKAnyway, enough about its title, which, in the end, doesn't matter all that much beyond the point of firing up the application. There is simply too much to talk about. This program is simply amazing! Perhaps it would be a good idea to cover your mouth when using this music manager, because you will find yourself gasping a whole lot.


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