How Gmail Does Threading

April 29, 2005

A lot of folks have focused on the storage capacity when talking about one of Google's recent initiatives, Gmail. However, apart from the initial shock factor, the size offering is really not what Gmail is all about. What I find the most interesting is the way that Gmail handles threading with its conversation view.


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A Better Network File System

April 19, 2005

After many years of using Linux, there is still remains one problem that I seem to run into at every turn. Remote file systems. In short, they suck. Recently, I asked around about this topic because I felt like I was missing something. I was thinking that perhaps there is some perfectly elegant file sharing protocol that has somehow escaped my radar all these years. Alas, the responses I got were the expected ones. "Use samba." "You can configure NFS." Forget Samba, forget NFS. Why? Because we already have a better way.


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