Salvage Your Project!

June 17, 2005

If you are an enterprise developer, particularly one that works with Java, I highly recommend watching Rod Johnson's talk at The Server Side Symposium entitled Why J2EE Projects Fail. I tend to agree with a lot of his points about what drives a project to start going down in flames, as many of them do. The talk hits very close to home if you have ever worked on a J2EE project.

For those of you who many not know, Rod Johnson is the original architect and developer of the Spring Framework, which, along with Hiberate, is at the top of the recommended tools to learn right now. Another strong advocate of these methodologies is Bruce Tate, who recently published a book with a similar spin entited Better, Faster, Lighter Java.

I think it is downright shocking how bad J2EE projects have become (or perhaps always were) and I certainly hope that we can all learn from the experience of these consultants and turn around these massive sinking ships.

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