DOM Tooltip in Apache MyFaces

July 27, 2005

The DOM Tooltip library has been selected as the tooltip widget for a new Apache MyFaces component named Schedule. This component is described in the javadoc as " A schedule component similar to the ones found in Outlook or Evolution."

The recent release of DOM Tooltip under the Apache 2.0 license was part of this release into the MyFaces sandbox. In case you need to see to believe, here is proof.
I am extremely thrilled about this pairing.

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Nice, FedEx

July 25, 2005

Mangled FedEx delivery box

Only pictures can do this story justice, but I do have to throw in the kicker. When the FedEx delivery man handed my wife the box, he said, "Sorry, it got a little beat up."

Ya think?

It's pretty ironic that the box contained a camera. Worse for FedEx.

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Google on the Road

July 14, 2005

Google is a tremendous search engine and a huge timesaver. Besides indexed searches, it provides maps, directions, weather, stock quotes, definitions, etc. However, all of this information requires you to be sitting in front of a networked computer...or so you thought! If you are a total gearhead you might be shouting by now "mobile web!" Well, not all of us have such deep pockets and fancy phones. For the rest of us, there happens to be another way. Google has had in beta for some time now an SMS interface. To put it in laymen's terms, you can Google using text messaging!

Update: Google just added an SMS demo site, so you can practice without having to waste any text messages.


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