Enlightenment Emerging

August 28, 2005

One of the amazing things about open source projects is that you can never count them out, even if they take a long hiatus from the front page of technology news. For years, Gnome and KDE have been battling it out for reign on the desktop, consequently pushing each other to introduce stunning new looks and features. However, all the while, Rasterman and his faithful have been working on a next generation desktop, dubbed Enlightenment DR 17, or E17 for short. There is an excellent review over at linux-blog.org which does a thorough job of introducing E17. Although I have yet to install and try out this new interactive desktop, I am extremely impressed by the goals and ambitions of the project, and I am just about stunned by the movie clips I have watched demonstrating the user experience.


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Ubuntu Absolutely Rips!

August 07, 2005

Ubuntu Linux logoWhere the heck did this distribution come from? I really have no idea. Perhaps it is just one of those freak things that rises up to change the world overnight, like Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's iPod, and Google's search engine, in this case topping every one of the Linux distro charts for the past year. There is no doubt about it, Ubuntu Linux is the first distribution that I can say, without question, has made it over the barrier to become the definitive free desktop replacement to Windows XP. In fact, I am really having a difficult time finding any obstacles with Ubuntu at all.


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