Improved Session Tracking

September 22, 2006

I recently discovered a better way to handle session tracking in web applications while dealing with complaints from the users of our application about session interference problems. Session tracking refers to the process of reassociating session data stored on the server with an incoming HTTP request. I will give an overview of existing session tracking strategies and explain their drawbacks. Following that discussion, I will present my solution.


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The Great JAXB API Blunder

September 15, 2006

You've got to hand it to Sun for screwing this one up. It's one thing to write software that doesn't adhere to a specification when the documentation is as thick as a textbook. Take, for example, just about anything created by the W3C. However, it's really bad when it is your own spec that you can't follow, especially when it is the most well known part of it. That's right, Sun missed by a mile on their own spec when they created the JAXB 2.0 API. The JAXB 2.0 compiler (XJC) incorrectly uses the prefix "is" rather than "get" when generating the getter method for a java.lang.Boolean property. While the JavaBean spec states that read methods for primitive booleans can use the alternate "is" prefix, this flexibility does not extend to its boolean wrapper counterpart.

8.3.2 Boolean Properties

In addition, for boolean properties, we allow a getter method to match the pattern:

public boolean is();

This "is" method may be provided instead of a "get" method, or it may be provided in addition to a "get" method. In either case, if the "is" method is present for a boolean property then we will use the "is" method to read the property value.

An example boolean property might be:

public boolean isMarsupial();
public void setMarsupial(boolean m);

Given that JAXB is a code generation framework, and the idea behind code generation frameworks is that the code is to be used "as is" and not modified thereafter, this is a pretty big "oops". While this issue has been reported, the response from Sun is "sorry, its too late".

This behavior is governed by the spec, and unfortunately it's just too late for the spec to change now.

In terms of the user experience, thanks to auto-boxing, I don't think this will be a real issue for people. Is the problem that you are using Introspector and it's missing the property?

Too late? Not a real issue? It's BROKEN. FIX IT! I also don't like the naive statement that it probably won't affect frameworks. Um, yes it will, considering other projects did happen to adhere to the spec (hibernate, spring, myfaces, etc.)

UPDATE: Stevo Slavic informed me that this has been fixed in JAXB 2.1.13. See JAXB-131 for details. Yeah!


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