Announcing Seam in Action

September 18, 2007

For those of you wondering when Manning is going to get in on the JBoss Seam action, the news you have long awaited is here at last! I am the lucky of Seam in Action. The book will cover the soon to be released Seam 2.0. The cats are out of the bag. I can kiss sleeping goodbye. I have vicious felines chasing me down.

I'm sure your next question is, "when will it be available?" There are two answers to this question. Don't expect the printed book until JavaOne 2008 (pray for me Sister). Any earlier would result in a manuscript that is not up to your standards. I want this book to be something you can build your career on, not a race to the finish line just to say it is done. However, that doesn't mean you cannot have access to its content earlier. Seam in Action will be available under the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) in a very short time. I encourage you to join that program so that you can start learning what I have to teach about Seam, progress with me as I hone my knowledge of the framework, and help me to make the manuscript top notch.

My goal for this book is to give an practical and unbiased account of the Seam framework as well as a healthy dose of my opinions on the matter. I struggled through JSF and Hibernate for nearly two years before encountering Seam and I don't let myself forget those pains for a second. In this book, I hope to carry you through the same enlightening process that I went through when I first picked up Seam and settled into it. I am writing this book because Seam saved my ass, and I want it to save yours as well. I have never had so much fun using a framework and I want to share that enjoyment with the world. Besides, I think that I am a pretty darn good teacher. I will let you be the judge of that, though.


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Google Reader adds search

September 14, 2007

You would expect that a company that specializes in, some might even go so far as to say perfects, the art of search would include the functionality in their own news reader. However, until now, the Google Reader application has been without a search feature. At the volume in which news entries flow through the door, this oversight is practically inexcusable.

Well, Google finally pardoned itself and added search capability to Google Reader, as you can see in this screenshot.

Google Reader search screenshot

The search allows you to restrict by folder (tag), feed, starred items, and shared items. It does not appear to offer date filtering, which is a big disappointment. I am hoping that other search options will come in time.

I have been dying to have a search feature for my blogroll for a long time. This feature will be especially powerful for the JavaBlogs feed since their search is downright horrible. Someone needs to enlighten those Atlassian folks about Lucene and its ORM complements, Compass and Hibernate Search.

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Half-hearted spell checking

September 14, 2007

Disclaimer: This entry has become more of a satire. Clearly there is something strange with my desktop configuration that is preventing Firefox on Linux from working as designed. I still feel that the situation is rather amusing, so with that...

I just love the spell check support in Firefox 2. I am witnessing it now as I fat-finger a couple of words in this entry. Firefox will underline a word that is spelled wrong, but it offers no support to correct it. What's that all about? What were the developers thinking when they developed this feature? It would be like someone coming up to you and saying, "You have something on your face, but if you want to know where, you are going to have to go find a mirror." Bastards.

Just to prove it to you I have provided a screenshot.

Update: It appears that this is an integration feature with GTK-spell, so it has nothing to do with Firefox itself. I have tested it out on a couple of different computers running the latest version of Ubuntu. I have found that it works on some installations and not on others. Perhaps there is some magic package that is missing. Either way, it is downright annoying.

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