The man behind the book

February 05, 2008

I am fortunate to be publishing a book during a very progressive time for I have just established my AmazonConnect profile and my blog to accompany my upcoming book, Seam in Action. Entries posted to that blog appear on the Seam in Action product page at and are also available as an RSS feed. As an author, it is pretty amazing to have the ability to contribute content to the book's product page.

I like to think of the AmazonConnect program as "the other half of the story," going on the premise that all stories have two sides. Up until recently, readers have had there chance to laud or tear up a manuscript by posting a review. This feedback helps other potential readers tremendously with the decision to invest time and money into the book. Unfortunately, this situation leaves the author without a voice (aside from the manuscript itself). The AmazonConnect profile gives the author a chance to chime in, but also provides a way for the author to reach out to readers and reveal "the man (or woman) behind the book." I invite you to discover the author, Dan Allen, by subscribing to my blog. I will be posting topics there in addition to writing posts here on, so be sure to subscribe to both feeds.

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