An author's most proud moment

October 03, 2008

There are many "firsts" in a person's life, but as you grow older you have to start working harder to achieve them. I certainly didn't slack off leading up to the moment when I could take my book off the bookstore shelf and hold it in my hands.

Dan holding Seam in Action

Apart from experiencing this "first", I went into the bookstore to see my book because sometimes I forget that it actually exists outside of my office. Sure enough, there is was. And it was even facing out! (Honest, I did not give myself a better shelf placement).

Seam in Action on the shelf

While I am enjoying this hard-earned moment, at the same time I am starting to wonder whether I will have the energy to do it again. Having said that, you are probably wondering if I ever go on vacation. Well, here's proof that I do...occasionally.

Dan walking on beach

Granted, the day after this picture was taken (July 2008) I hopped on a plane to go to Italy for the Seam and Hibernate Planning Meeting. Hey, at least my feet touched the sand!

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1 | Posted by Jay Balunas on October 03, 2008 at 08:46 AM EST

Congrats Dan!! I know you worked hard for this, and it must be great to see it on the shelf.