30 certainly was something

April 02, 2009

What a year! There's no question that year 30 was the most eventful and life changing year of my life to this point. I truly feel like I have grabbed life by the horns and got it steered in the direction I really want it to head.

By far, the biggest accomplishment of the year was getting Seam in Action published. But writing my first book was the catalyst for many of the other events that took place. From start to finish of year 30, I presented for the first time at a software conference, which led to a half a dozen speaking engagements, more travel than I've ever done in one year, including my first ever trip to Europe, and the chance to meet a lot of prominent industry leaders. Writing the book also helped me be more prolific. I passed my 100th blog entry and posted 1000 tweets on Twitter, which I began using just before JavaOne. The gutsiest and most permanent decision I made all year was deciding to get LASIK, and in the words of Tiger Woods, "the results were fantastic". What follows is an account of this passage into my 30 somethings, most of which can be found in my tweet archive.


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