DOM Menu 0.3.7
Welcome to the Demo of DOM Menu. While there are many scripts available on the web which create hierarchical "popout" menus, all but a few cost $$ and none of them possess such a versatile data structure or flexible style configuration. The example menus in this demo should help you understand the power of this script as well as help you to setup your own menu system using DOM Menu.
Summary: A widget library for creating dynamic "popout" menus on webpages. The menu can either be horizontal or vertical, and can open in either direction. It has both edge detection and obstruction detection (for browsers that cannot hide select boxes or flash animations). The styles for the menu items are controlled entirely through CSS. The menus are created and destroyed using the DOM. Menu configuration is done using a custom Hash() class.
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Maintainer: Dan Allen <dan dot allen at mojavelinux dot com>
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License: Apache 2.0
Updated: $Date: 2006-10-22 16:10:05 -0400 (Sun, 22 Oct 2006) $
Supported Browsers: Mozilla (Gecko), IE 5.0+, Mac IE, Opera 7+, Safari, Konqueror
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