DOM Tooltip 0.7.3

Welcome to the demo of the DOM Tooltip Javascript Library. DOM Tooltip is a very versatile and powerful javascript library and to try to explain how to use it is very difficult. This demo should dually give you an idea of what the library is capable of and provide you with well organized example code to work from. Since this demo has received signficant improvement over the last serveral versions, it is additionally turning into a pretty nice test harness for the code. Advance through this little demo and give yourself an idea of what DOM Tooltip has to offer you.

Summary: DOM Tooltip allows developers to add customized tooltips to webpages. The tooltips are controlled through style class definitions and respond to events on the page, such as a 'mouseover' event. When creating the dynamic layers, the library detects possible collisions with form elements (such as select boxes, which float above the html surface) and screen edge bleeding. While the library was originally designed to simply create context tooltips, it has since grown into a significantly more versatile script. It is now possible to create a wide variety of dynamic layers, such as embedded windows, context menus and hidden blocks. Additional features of the library include sticky tips, tooltip fading, lifetime, relative positioning, class assignments, width adjustments, mouse dragging, captions, directionality, offset adjustments, adjustable activate/deactivate delay times, snapping to grid, fate adjustment (hide or destroy) and references to created tips. In short, this library is everything you need to create dynamic layers in the webpage.

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Maintainer: Dan Allen <dan dot allen at mojavelinux dot com>


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License: Apache 2.0

Updated: 2005/07/16

Supported Browsers: Mozilla (Gecko), IE 5.5+, IE on Mac, Konqueror, Safari, Opera 7