ShoutChat 0.1.8
Welcome to the demo of ShoutChat. ShoutChat is a simple, yet very powerful concept. This library allows developers to add a means of communication amoung website viewers, and does so in a very subtle way. The user chooses a screenname and types a message. When the user hits send, it submits the form to the iframe shoutchat and the message is recorded and displayed.
Summary: ShoutChat allows developers to add a instant message shout box to websites. The shoutchat is an iframe element, and the script operates using javascript and stores the messages in a MySQL database (a file gets complicated with synchronous posts, so a database was favored). The look of the box is controlled through styles. All the modern browsers are supported. ShoutChat handles some of the details that other shout boxes do not. When the new message is displayed, the shoutchat is scrolled down so that the new message comes into view. ShoutChat also checks for new messages. It does so using head requests once every 10 seconds for the first 30 seconds and then exponetially by powers of 2 from there on out. When the mouse is moved over the shoutchat region, this cycle starts over. This allows for new messages to be displayed to all users viewing the site until they become inactive, at which point the updates become less frequent. Without this very important feature, a converstation on a website is cumbersome at best.
Maintainer: Dan Allen <dan dot allen at mojavelinux dot com>
Developers: Dan Allen <dan dot allen at mojavelinux dot com> (lead developer), nemesis (bug reports, suggestions), theancient (phpnuke port, ideas), Stefan Bauckmeier (domain names, ideas, project establishment)
Freshmeat Page:
Changelog: Changelog.html
License: LGPL
Updated: 2005/04/27
Supported Browsers: Mozilla (Gecko), IE 5.0+, Konqueror, Opera 7
Dependencies: PEAR DB Class
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