Open Source Projects

aka "The Cooker"

The "Cooker" is a collection of my scripts and projects. A lot of the projects have pages over at freshmeat. If you want to receive notification via e-mail when a new version is released for the script, then subscribe to the script on the freshmeat project page. If you like my script PLEASE RATE IT. If you don't like a script, PLEASE COMPLAIN. All source code is free and GPL'd or LGPL'd for your viewing pleasure. I want your day to be simpler because I enjoy writing the code and making it available to you. However, that being said, I am not your right hand man, so don't expect me to set up your web site for you. You may ask intelligent questions if you are smart, or dumb questions if you are dumb. Sometimes I am in a bad mood, PLEASE BE TOUGH, it is not like you are paying me.

If you want to contribute, please join the project and work through CVS. If you use my scripts, feel free to provide me with examples so that other people can better understand how to use it. I don't have a tremendous amount of time to write examples because I am coding so much right now.

If you have an idea for a project, message me...I might like it...I might not, depends. If you have a suggestion for a script or think it is broken, don't go around telling other people without telling me...I might be able to help you out. I do the best I can to update my stuff, but I do have other things to do...please respect that and I will keep making solid stuff.