$Id: Changelog 2320 2006-06-12 06:37:48Z dallen $
DOM Tootip: Javascript tooltip generator

version 0.7.3 (2006/06/12):
		* added example integration with behaviour.js
		* added domTT_postponeActivation option to workaround 'operation aborted' error	
		* added domTT_closeAll function to remove all tooltips on page
		* 'content' option can now be a function to return the content
		* make id prefix configurable
		* close velcro tip by clicking on it
		* allow tips to be created with no event (null value)
		* allow disabling of collision detection
		* fixed problem of tip not disappearing on rapid mouse movement
		* fixed problem of using global mouse position before first mouse movement
		* prevent tooltip events on banned tags, such as OPTION (for consistency)
		* improvements to example14 to allow caption to render properly

version 0.7.2 (2006/04/12):
		* added example to demonstrate custom positioning with a parent
		* fixes in clear timeout made in domLib.js
		* fixed a regression in the collision detection that left elements hidden
		* content and caption are only cloned if domTT_cloneNodes is set to true, otherwise the reference is used

version 0.7.1 (2005/07/16):

		* changed fading library from alphaAPI to fadomatic
		* fixed problem with fade where links and buttons would become inactive
		* fixed problem where tooltips would hang around if browser doesn't support fading
		* released under Apache 2.0 license
		* added example for dynamically updating tooltip content
		* added method for updating tooltip content, domTT_update()
		* enabled caption to be html or a DOM node
		* removed the clone() prototype method in domLib to prevent conflicts with other libraries
		* option to have only one tip show at a time
		* fixed edge detection to be more precise
		* added fadeMax as upper limit for an alpha fade-in
		* fixed wrapping problem when tip nears edge in opera and IE
		* replace domLib_isKonq with domLib_isKHTML
		* added auto-generated tooltips from the title attribute for elements with class "tooltip"
		* custom offsets can be set on a per-tip basis
		* tips are now indexed on both tip id and owner id, for greater flexibility
		* added a convenient method for use in custom close events, domTT_close()
		* custom id can now be used for the tip for easy reference
		* domTT_classPrefix is now domTT_styleClass, option classPrefix is now styleClass
		* wrapper div for contents styled with generic class 'contents'
		* wrapper for caption is now styled with generic class 'caption'
		* make drag an optional parameter for tip to turn on/off dragging of sticky tips
		* trail can now be either 'x' or 'y' which will lock trailing to a single axis
		* added HOWTO
		* updated all examples

version 0.7.0 (2004/11/10):

		* Create tip on parent specified instead on document.body and then moving the tip in the DOM
		* Added a standards mode detection, which was the root of edge bleed issues
		* Added info in README about how to make the program smaller using jsmin
		* Fixed memory leaks in IE caused by using inner functions
		* Now works in Mac IE
		* Tooltips can be created from a child iframe element
		* IE 5.0 (Windows) removed from supported list of browsers

version 0.6.0 (2003/02/13):

		* major rewrite (please consult this changelog and example for new requirements)
		* made fading modular using alphaAPI (seperate file, alphaAPI.js)
		* large gains in speed and compliance (fix Konq and IE 5 bugs)
		* eliminate need for domTT_activate() in the mousemove event handler!!!
		* new option 'trail' to specify tip to follow mouse movement (only for absolute)
		* changed domTT_true/false() functions to makeTrue/false()!!!
		* changed option 'status' option to 'statusText'!!!
		* changed 'prefix' option to 'classPrefix'!!!
		* changed 'close' option to 'closeAction'!!!
		* made dragging of tips loadable (seperate file, domTT_drag.js)
		* divided out common functions from domTT functions (seperate file, domLib.js)
		* browser detection variables now prefixed with domLib_is*!!!
		* to create an onload window, first option is unique id (no longer have 'id' option)

version 0.5.5 (2003/02/09):

		* fixed major crashes in IE 5.0 (cannot use delays since setTimeout is buggy)
		* fixed hideList error in all browsers
		* fixed a bug on example10.html when using a popup

version 0.5.4 (2003/02/05):

		* fixed a scroll offset problem when IE is in compatibility mode
		* fixed problem where select box detection nixed element inside tooltip

version 0.5.3 (2003/01/29):

		* fix misspelled document on like 971 in domTT.js

version 0.5.2 (2003/01/17):

		* fix for document.documentElement.scrollTop for IE in standards compliance mode

version 0.5.1 (2002/12/19):

		* implemented callTimeout() as an wrapper for setTimeout() for variable persistence
		* konqueror can now implement delays for tips!!!
		* konqueror can now handle tip lifetime!!!
		* added workaround for some konqueror quirks

version 0.5.0 (2002/12/19):

		* fixed invalid variable name tmp_offsetX...regression from fixes in 0.4.9

version 0.4.9 (2002/12/18):

		* reworked domTT_deactivate() a bit
		* can now specify an 'id' option on each tip to have multiple tips on one trigger
		* fixed the activateTimeout process to rid of lingering bugs
		* updated demos

version 0.4.8 (2002/12/11):

		* fixed recursion bug

version 0.4.7 (2002/12/08):

		* dragging of sticky tips in konqueror!!
		* cleaned up the mouseout code a great deal and now it actually works as expected
		* selects only appear again when all tooltips which hid them are cleared away!!!
		* fixed IE javascript error caused by global onmousemove operating before page load
		* simplified deactivate by putting code for unhide selects in detectCollisions()
		* updated demos

version 0.4.6 (2002/12/07):

		* eliminated unnecessary code in domTT_show()
		* konqueror fixes (checks in wrong place, clientHeight problem)
		* fixed onclick x, y measurement in konqueror

version 0.4.5 (2002/12/06):

		* added maxWidth option (false to disable) and width option now independent
		* added workaround for maxWidth bug in Opera
		* switch to toggling display property to hide rather than using visibility hidden
		* fixed error in IE 5.5 bypassing a safeguard and causing a javascript error
		* fixed compliance error with IE 5.5 when executing IE hack for float
		* fixed height calculation with IE 5.5 vs IE 6 (compliance difference)
		* fixed case when hack IE code was executing under the wrong circumstances
		* fixing small javascript errors
		* totally block IE 5.0 until I can get to testing it
		* demo fixes and cleanups
		* fixed missing check for tip object existance in mouseout function

version 0.4.4 (2002/12/06):

		* fixed onload problem in IE

version 0.4.3 (2002/12/05):

		* code cleanups with strict compliance mozilla
		* fixed so that using domTT_activate() can be used as an onload event
		* closeLink will be interpreted as html (but note the link is automatically created)

version 0.4.2 (2002/12/05):

		* fixed missing units in drag update
		* fixed width calculation in IE in strict mode
		* fix document.body.clientHeight -> document.documentElement.clientHeight (IE strict.dtd)
		* catch permission errors in mozilla to write status text

version 0.4.1 (2002/12/05):

		* forget to add contentEditable when made changed to domTT_create() in 0.4.0
		* fixes to the domTT_isDescendantOf to exclude absolute elements
		* fixed error in mozilla (tip was trying to be destroyed twice)
		* fixed regexp bug in IE 5.01
		* fixed link in demo for opera (example8.html)
		* fixed javascript error in IE when triggerObj was #document
		* fixed IE bug when contentEditable property was screwing up the height
		* demo fixes

version 0.4.0 (2002/12/02):

		* add required 'this' add the beginning of every domTT_activate() call
		* prevent tip from disappearing when mouseout goes to child of target element
		* tons of code cleanup dealing with onmouseout
		* 'status' now clears after each mouseout, even if tip is sticky or velcro
		* added 'width' option, which overides the global domTT_maxWidth (and the style)
		* merged logic in create() and show() so that create() can use show() (normalize)

version 0.3.2 (2002/12/01):

		* changed 'close' to 'closeLink' since it was confusing what it was
		* added relative positioned tips (inline), added option 'position'
		* maxWidth of 0 will be ignored
		* fixed a fade bug when tooltip object exists (domTT_show())
		* several other fade bugs fixed

version 0.3.1 (2002/12/01):

		* 'caption' can be set to false to force it not to show, even when using 'type' sticky
		* fixed error "Could not get cursor property" in IE5 because must use 'hand' not 'pointer'
		* misspelled descendant
		* cleaned up the preserving of onmouseout a ton
		* 'caption' only has to be set to false if type is 'sticky', otherwise it can be left off
		* updated demos

version 0.3.0 (2002/11/30):

		* added global domTT_lifetime to set how long the tip stays alive when mouse is stationary
		* added option 'lifetime' for each individual tip (0 for infinite)
		* added fixed position tooltip option by passing in 'x' and 'y' as options
		* changed hash method itemExists to hasItem to be DOM compliant
		* perserve the onmouseout that existed on the target rather than just overwriting
		* new type 'velcro', which disappears when you mouseout of the tooltip instead of target
		* added ability to fade out and changed 'fade' option from boolean to in/out/both/neither
		* added fade direction to the domTT_doFade() function to hande fade in both directions
		* made a global variable for domTT_onClose, either 'hide' or 'remove'
		* changed 'deactivate' option to 'onClose' which can be 'hide' or 'remove'
		* added 'grid' option and domTT_grid global to snap to a grid on updates (0 for no grid)
		* got rid of domTT_defaultStatus, just use window.defaultStatus for this value
		* code cleanups
		* demo addition and cleanups

version 0.2.3 (2002/11/27):

		* added domTT_false() as a wrapper for links that make IFRAME tooltips to cancel click
		* fixed case when domTT_isGecko was not deteting select-multiple with size=1
		* can specify only 'status' to domTT_activate, and will change status and register clear
		* made demo pages for library
		* removed a hack width setting width because I was confused before...and didn't need it
		* made global setting variable for domTT_prefix

version 0.2.2 (2002/11/21):

		* fade-in on tips!!! (mozilla and IE only)
		* global option for fade on or off (click events don't use fade ever)
		* added option to domTT_activate for fade

version 0.2.1 (2002/11/21):

		* perfect support for Opera7 !!! (what a great browser as far as standards go!)
		* no need for select collision detection in opera (again, tremendous)
		* prevented the close element from being draggable in all browsers (works this time)
		* fixed bug that opera does not hide IFRAME children when tip is hidden or destroyed
		* added domTT_defaultStatus to be used when clearing status bar
		* for opera, you will want to disable all opera tooltips except 'element titles'
		* added 'mousedown' as a trigger to set delay to 0 (3 types of mouse depress possible)

version 0.2.0 (2002/11/20):

		* domTT_activate returns the id of the tip if it needs to be referenced externally
		* added domTT_isActive() to check for an activated tip, returns tip object if active
		* create domTT_true() function, which should be used to wrap domTT_activate for onmouseover
		* second option to domTT_deactivate is optional (default to true)
		* domTT_predefined now takes all the options domTT_activate takes
		* domTT_activate loads in predefined options if predefined is the first option
		* domTT_activate uses options from domTT_activate call to override predefined options
		* take off restriction for status of onmouseover and just let it happen as it will
		* caption now not used if empty, even if it is sticky (can externally close tip)
		* added 'contextmenu' event type alongside 'click' for auto changing delay to 0
		* if content is empty, bail on creating the tip (hmmm...still thinking on this)
		* Gecko always makes the tip 4px too wide, for some unknown reason (maybe gecko bug?)
		* bug in right edge detection (was giving the width the padding instead of taking away)
		* fixed bug in global onmousemove (wasn't passing event to function for mozilla)
		* fixed edge detection, which was not accounting for scroll offset
		* made function domTT_correctEdgeBleed() for edge bleeding (since I used it twice)
		* code cleanups, added docs and another example page

version 0.1.7 (2002/11/18):

		* domTT_close can be an object, hence an image for an 'X' for close
		* drag limited to the caption bar for sticky tips
		* added domTT_addPredefined function for caching tip definitions
		* added ability to pass in custom prefix for class styles, other than domTT
		* can pass in 'close' option for text/image to be used as close markup
		* fixed bug for onmouseover sticky tip which prevented cancel of tip creation onmouseout
		* added a new example.html file

version 0.1.6 (2002/11/17):

		* added option for directionality in tips (southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest)
		* set default options at beginning of domTT_activate() instead of checking for each
		* global setting for mouse height so that offset is from edge of mouse cursor
		* added LICENSE, README to package
		* finished screen edge detection and correction
		* custom close text for sticky
		* can globally turn off dragging of sticky tips

version 0.1.5 (2002/11/16):
		* ability to grab current mouse position when tip is created on delay
		* option for not using current mouse position when tip is created on delay (use passed in)
		* changed mouseover to mousemove for event on the tooltip (prevent artifact tooltips)
		* added delay as option (will use global if not passed in)
		* added status as an option, which will change the status bar text
		* eliminated collision detection delay when tip is already visible
		* 'sticky' option changed to 'type' and can be 'greasy' or 'sticky'
		* fixed some serious bugs in setTimout logic when destroying tips
		* created function domTT_show() for showing hidden tip (previously created)

version 0.1.4 (2002/11/15):

		* ability to drag sticky tooltips (lots of work here)
		* change domTT_getPosition to domTT_getOffsets
		* return more information from domTT_getOffsets
		* simplify domTT_detectCollisions (now requires only one argument)
		* made function for getting mouse position (since browsers do crazy things)
		* the 'X' part of the tip is not draggable

version 0.1.3 (2002/11/14):

		* konqueror support (lots of fixes for this) (onclick is somewhate hacked)
		* browser variables instead of using javascript objects to differentiate
		* eliminated duplicate mouse_x and mouse_y code
		* changed lamda function calls in setTimeout to support konqueror
		* getPosition returns right and bottom as well

version 0.1.2 (2002/11/13):

		* fixed case when you flew over object and then clicked fast to create sticky and it failed
		* domTT_deactivate now takes an object instead of id (avoids lookup)
		* fixed problem with onmousemove after onclick beating setTimeout(...,0) on windows
		* fixed the e.target to e.currentTarget for mozilla (which is the registered target)
		* sticky tips now work correctly
		* fixed domTT_detectCollisions to be subject to the activate delay on tip unhide
		* no longer dependent on global Hash() function...arguments become hash internally
		* account for the scroll offset when working with event coordinates
		* compensated for lack of max-width for IE
		* fixed broken float right for IE (cannot assign through DOM)
		* float right causes tooltip to stretch to widht of page, fixed that
		* fixed javascript error because IE doesn't have e.target (event.srcElement instead)

version 0.1.1 (2002/11/10):

		* pass in options as Hash
		* cache created tips to reuse via visibility style
		* auto-assign onmouseout to deactivate
		* add ability to have sticky
		* implemented zIndex so new tips can go over old tips
		* no delay for onclick tips
		* implemented delay when toggling visibility of cached tips
		* ability to pass in html content

version 0.1.0 (2002/10/30):

		* Initial release