myCalendar phpBB MOD

Disclaimer: This project page is provided for archival purposes only. I do not actively maintain this project any longer, though I do welcome anyone interested to take the source code, which is provided below, and run with it.

This modification (MOD) script allows a phpBB2 board owner to mark specified forums as calendar-enabled. Events can then be associated with the topics in these forums, which can either occur once or at reoccuring intervals.

Events will appear on the calendar page for topics in forums that are calendar-enabled. The calendar attribute can be set on a forum by using the forum management tool in the adminstration center and selecting 'Yes' for 'Are events enabled?'. Dates can only be attached to the first post in a topic (hence, events attach to the root of the topic).

The calendar page offers up the first post by mousing over the event to reveal a tooltip. Using this feature, information added to the first post, such as Time and Place, can be viewed directly from the calendar page.

Tip: Since intervals can be set to 1 day, reoccuring dates can simulate block events, such as a vacaction.


Version Release Focus Date Link
2.2.7-em 2.0.10 support, EasyMOD compatible 2004/09/19 [ Download ]
2.2.7 Original myCalendar MOD release 2002/11/21 [ Download ]
0.8+ Complete rewrite, time specification 2003/04/23 [ Download ]
patch adds "jump to date" feature 2003/06/16 [ Download ]