Panoramic JavaScript Image Viewer (PanoJS)

Rebranded as the Giant Scalable Image Viewer (GSIV) and later the Panoramic JavaScript Image Viewer (PanoJS), this project is the next generation of the Giant-Ass Image Viewer (GSV) written by Michal Migurski. PanoJS, as well as its predecessor, GSV, is a JavaScript widget for viewing large, high-resolution images, ala Google Maps. This interface allows a browser client to pan and zoom an image that is much larger than the screen, fetching tiled sections on demand. As one edge of the image moves off the screen in one direction, new portions of the image appear on the opposing side. Using this type of interface allows the image being viewed to theoretically be infinite. As such, the taxation on the network connection is minimized tremendously by the fact that only portions of the image are needed at any given time.

PanoJS PanoJS offers a host of new features that were absent in GSV, in addition to a new code design. This time around, a more rigid, object-oriented approach was used. PanoJS is a top level component in the JavaScript space boasting a very clean and readable design that is quite extensible. It registers itself as an event listener, but can also accept listeners and notify them of its own events. The component is also extremely configurable, and should be able to fit seamlessly into most applications requiring its features. Significant effort was applied to making PanoJS cross browser and well performing.

PanoJS is being carried on by Dmitry Fedorov. You can find up to date information about the project and new releases on the new PanoJS project page on Dmitry's website. The latest source is located in the PanoJS Github repository. Fork away!


See the official project page for newer releases.

Version Release Focus Date Link
1.0.2 Name change, bug fixes 2009/03/01 [ Download ]
1.0.1 Bug fixes, I18N support 2006/03/16 [ Download ]
1.0.0 Initial release 2006/02/26 [ Download ]

Fun fact

GSIV is defined as an acronym in TheFreeDictionary.

PanoJS in action