Popup Calendar

Popup Calendar is a Javascript date selector widget, released under the LGPL license, that can be used to populate an input form field requiring a date.

Using a Javascript function, an image (or text) can call the calendar when clicked. The calendar then pops up, presenting a user with an interactive calendar. When one of the date cells on the calendar is clicked, the calendar will be closed and the date will be passed down to the input field, instructing it to populate itself with a string representation of the date. The calendar has customizable colors, images and full year/month navigation. It is compatible with all desktop browsers (Konqueror, IE, Netscape 4, Mozilla, Opera) and makes choosing dates in forms much more pleasant.


Version Release Focus Date Link
2.0.6 Screen placement 2003/01/16 [ Download ]
2.0.5 Enforce single window, fixed calculation bug 2002/11/21 [ Download ]
2.0.4 Localization support 2002/06/22 n/a
2.0.3 Date format options, fixed rendering bug 2002/06/06 [ Download ]
2.0.2 Netscape 4 support, code cleanup 2002/06/06 [ Download ]
2.0.1 Code cleanup, speed enhancements 2002/05/27 [ Download ]
2.0.0 Initial public release 2002/05/15 [ Download ]

Popup Calendar In Action