ShoutChat: A cross between a shout box and an IRC chat for the web

version 0.1.8 (2005/04/27):
        * renamed project to ShoutChat to reflect the change in direction the project took
        * migrated to two tables, one for shouts, the other for channels 
        * updated database script

version 0.1.7 (2003/01/09):
        * modified and improved the FastFormat code
        * fixed bug with channel box when going to 'main' channel
        * added column in table 'format' for turning off formatting (no command yet)

version 0.1.6 (2003/01/09):
        * support for gpc variables in php < 4.1.0 in function getCGIParam()
        * added channel background-image
        * word filter
        * operator IP filter
        * fixed endlines from getting in channel name
        * private channels begin with ! and don't show up in /list
        * channels are clickable in /list and show # of shouts in each channel
        * change check for last message id to most recent timestamp in channel
        * fix /me to not show screenname
        * added /j as an alt to /join
        * added heart smiley
        * added CDATA in script tags for valid xhtml
        * added a * to document.title when new messages are displayed in chatbox
        * check interval setting
        * preference for date format displayed in tooltip
        * made default channel name 'main' (need to update database to change '' to 'main'
        * mysql use own timestamp when recording message
        * added basic fastformat support (colors and text style)
        * sped up formatting code for message text

version 0.1.5 (2003/01/06):
        * consolidated some styles
        * added nl2br for posts
        * added channels and all the goodies that come with them
        * fixed a magic quotes problem (if enabled on server)
        * reorganized a lot of code (more to do here)
        * added commands /list, /help, /history, /nick
        * uncommented the DELETE query for old posts
        * fixed refresh bug in history

version 0.1.4 (2003/01/05):
        * support for /me
        * change doctype to transitional
        * pass idle factor so that if convo is active and you are not, refreshing still slows
        * make shoutbox_config.php file
        * fixed some invalid xhtml
        * external stylesheet for the shoutbox iframe
        * timestamps were being stored as localtime instead of GMT time
        * added history popup
        * preference for # of lines in shoutbox (view the rest with the history popup)
        * added help popup

version 0.1.3 (2003/01/05):
        * left out sql script

version 0.1.2 (2003/01/05):
        * fixed infinite loop if action is empty
        * auto detect links and create an html link

version 0.1.1 (2003/01/04):
        * fixed timeout logic bug with the idle check
        * added CTRL-Enter to send message
        * added more smilies
        * fixed possible javasript error with mousemove
        * fixed timezone issue

version 0.1.0 (2003/01/04):
        * Initial release