I am the founder of Mojavelinux.com and enthusiastic about all things open source, in particular Linux. More information about me can be found on my blog or my biography page.

One phrase I find myself repeating quite often over the years is that "people just don’t understand me." The reason I find this strange is because I don’t think that I am that hard to read (but I could be wrong). I have, after years of contemplating this dilemma, finally come to the conclusion that I present myself in a different manner than I see myself.

Therefore, to help you out, I am going to sum up myself in a single page in my pile. Perhaps by reflecting on my interests I can figure out how to help people understand who I am.


Regardless of who you talk to, despite how each person may understand me, everyone that knows me knows that I love Linux. Some might even claim that I am fanatical. I am. There are many things and many people that have changed my life, but there are two things that have changed it in such a way that I completely departed whatever course I was on when they came into it. Those two things are meeting Sarah and Linux. If you took those two things out of my life, I would be a stranger to myself today. The beautiful part is the one, Sarah, has enabled my passion for the other, Linux.

Open Source

Although much of my life revolves around Linux, it is really open source serves as the foundation of my passion. I got into Linux because it was the most prominent open source project at the time. Now a days, there are other projects of equal merit. I am an avid supported of both Mozilla Firefox and the Eclipse platform. Neither of these programs have much to do with Linux, other than they both run on the Linux platform. But they encompass the same principles. Stick it to the man.


  • Dance/Eurodance/Trance - 4 Tons of Raw Techno Power! This phrase is the one that started it all for me.

Office Space / Antitrust

Programmer’s lives are defined by the movie Office Space. There is no single movie that depicts the plight of a developer quite like Office Space. The movie is about a Y2K analyst who hates his job, hates his company and decides he just isn’t going to work anymore. Often times, programmers are so underappreciated, it is the only real solution.

As a diehard open source developer, Antitrust is sort of like my bible. The evil corporation, Nurv, mirrors the software giant from Redmond, Washington, Microsoft. In the end, the message is, information is free and nobody owns the code. Free the code!


  • DuClaw Pretzels (Soft Pretzels) - We started going to duclaw back in the Summer of 2002 when Sarah’s parent’s introduced us to this modern marvel. I think since that time I have only missed going to the monthy DuClaw "beer release" twice. Now this is one of those cases where people fail to understand me properly. The main reason I go to DuClaw on these events is to hang out with friends and eat DuClaw pretzels, not necessarily for the beer, though I do enjoy that as well. For those of you who are not cultured in the ways of the Raven, a DuClaw pretzel is a very moist loaf of bread served soft pretzel style, topped with honey mustard dunk sauce…​yummy!!!